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The Roof

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Arkitek:Jean Nouvel architectural design team (AJN)

Ciri projek:the project aims to reflect the "lane" culture of Shanghai back street in an abstract way. UHPC products have up to 12 colors, and the whole color system is gradual, so it is necessary to ensure the color uniformity of each product. Zoe team has developed a series of color difference control standards to ensure that the overall effect of the project meets the requirements of Party A and the designer.

---UHPC three-dimensional green landscape:the flower bowl facade is used to retain the nature. The external facade is decorated with zhuoeu UHPC decorative board and special-shaped landscape plants. The green plant facade is composed of about 2500 flower bowls

The project wonLEEDgold certificationandBaiklahgold pre certification

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Muzium Seni Wanda Guanlan

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